Webkinz Secret Recipes

Welcome!! Hi and welcome to webkinzsecretrecipe.com! As you might have guess this website serves only one purpose and that's to bring you all the best webkinz recipes. It is our goal to post ALL the webkinz secret recipes, so come back and visit us often! you can search for the webkinz recipes using the navigation images on the right. It is sorted in 5 different categories (stove, blender, sandwich, mega stove and clothing machine) so go ahead and check out the recipes!

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What are Webkinz? firefox Webkinz's are stuffed animals that comes with a secret code that can be registered on the webkinz website (www.webkinz.com). Once the registration is completed a virtual version of the stuffed animal is available to the user on a online game. In this virtual webkinz world user receives cash (kinzcash) by adopting new pets, playing online games and answering general knowledge questions. One of the major task in the game is to make sure your pet don't get hungry. To feed the pet, users buy food with the kinzcash and create recipes found on this website.